Technical user manuals with many images

Things I have tried

  • figuring it out myself by forcing myself to use one vault.
  • switch back to Scrivener and LyX to produce my manuals because I am familiar with them and can get results.
  • Paid for services to learn Obsidian only to find that it is all about linking notes but nothing on how to take those notes and produce documentation such as user manuals, installation manuals, and production manuals that have loads of images.
  • Tried to figure out how to use Excalidraw to enhance my images and incorporate this into producing a full-fledged 100-page installation manual.
  • Am ready to just use Scrivener or LyX and put Obsidian on the back burner until I can figure out how to organize my data to produce a 150-page user manual with tons of images.

What I need

  • some guidance on how to use Obsidian to produce multipage manuals with lots of images. Or for someone to say maybe Obsidian is not the program to use for your project…just use Scrivener or LyX.
  • A coach on how to produce large documents using obsidian not just taking and linking notes.
  • some acknowledgment for trying many things on my own before reaching out for help from all of you. One more last gasp before hanging it up.

What I’m trying to do

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