Team Documentation Sharing in Obsidian

Hi everyone,
I am writing to ask for some clarification and/or suggestion about the use of Obsidian for collaboration.

I work for a hardware and software company and we are searching for a way to have shared documentation about our projects. Since I love Obsidian for my personal use, I am contemplating the idea to show the software to my colleagues and using as a central projects documentation software.

Nonetheless, I am not sure if Obsidian is the right choice, or if maybe is not ready yet. I suppose it can be used since a commercial license is present, but I am not sure what is the best way of setting it up to avoid file conflicts. So I have some questions:

  • is there anyone already using Obsidian in his company/team? Can you explain how you set it up?
  • concerning the sync feature, can it be used to enhance collaboration? Or is best to share the valut through Dropbox/drive?

Maybe if the core developers use Obsidian itself for their documentation, they can share some insights on how they set it up.

I noticed that there were already some topics on collaborations, but none of them was very specific on the best way to set it up.

Thank you in advance for your help!


I am looking for the same thing: how can Obsidian be used for collaboration in a work environment.

Suggestions much appreciated.
Thank you.

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Same here!

If everyone you share the vault with is comfortable with git, you can use that with GitHub/gitlab.
Sync isn’t really set up for multiple people since you’d need to share the same account.

You can support this FR: Sync Sharing

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