Tasks plugin with PARA and templater

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to create a PARA workflow in obsidian. So I have created templates using the templater plugin for each of my projects, areas and resources folders. Now in my project template i would like to show all the tasks related to the project. When i create a new note in my projects folder, I want it to open up the projects template (which i have accomplished) and also show the tasks related to the project under the Tasks section. I want to use the Obsidian Tasks plugin due to the features it has such as recurring tasks, statuses and the really good emoji description.

Things I have tried

I am actually kind of a new-bie. I am stuck here, even though i did try searching and stuff I just couldnt figure out a way to accomplish this with the Tasks plugin. There are solutions using other plugins, but those plugins are just not as good

Thank You!

How do you identify tasks that are related to the project?

I was thinking about using tags, but I am a newbie so I don’t know what’s best