Tasks plugin grouping problem

What I’m trying to do

Group tasks by 1) folder 2) filename 3) status. Seems simple enough:

group by folder
group by filename
group by status

Works… until we get to status. At that point, all status types except TODO are gathered under “Done”. This includes IN_PROGRESS and FORWARDED… both of which are type: 'IN_PROGRESS, but show up as “Done”.

Things I have tried

I’m using the Minimal theme status set. And I’ve gone to > Tasks > Settings > Custom Statuses… where all the status types are correctly assigned.

I deleted the entire set of Minimal Custom Statuses and re-installed it. Yet even tasks unadorned with any dates, tags or other stuff still show up as “Done”.

I suspect something is busted, assigning ALL statuses except TODO to the other core status, DONE. Yet, where to fix it?

Thanks for the help.

Figured it out…

group by status = wrong
group by status.type = right

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