Tasks not done last week for Weekly note template

Could someone help suggest how to query tasks not done from the last week for a weekly note template?

I use the Tasks plugin (all tasks marked %task) but do not set due dates in this particular vault, so there seems to be no way to filter “no due date” tasks from daily notes by date. What do I need to add to this to filter the query by the last 7 days;

### Tasks Not Done last week
not done
path includes daily

Also using Templater and Calendar plugins for this.

Created in last seven days?

Hmm yes could use that, if I could auto-generate the note on each Sunday.

I’ve tried

not done after <% tp.date.weekday("YYYY-MM-DD", -1) %>
not done before <% tp.date.weekday("YYYY-MM-DD", 7) %>

but that doesn’t work, where the opposite does work

done after <% tp.date.weekday("YYYY-MM-DD", -1) %>
done before <% tp.date.weekday("YYYY-MM-DD", 7) %>


@schemar - would you know how this query can be acheived?

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