Tasks Group By Filename broken after update

Hi All. I have had outstanding tasks displaying on my daily note for six months or more… it suddenly stopped working after the last update of Obsidian Tasks. I cant find any reference to anyone else having this problem.

The setup, is that I have a file for each “project” I do, and the tasks go in the file for the project, then my daily note contains the following

not done
short mode
(due on or before 2024-04-09) OR (scheduled on or before 2024-04-09)
hide tags
group by filename

And now the group by reduces it to a single filename which is the first one in the list, and no tasks…

Clearly something has changed. Has anyone seen this?

Could it be the recent update of Iconize? If you are using that, try disabling it and restarting Obsidian.

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That was it. How on earth did you do that?

Yesterday, Dataview, Tasks, Meta-Bind, and more, users started reporting issues. It seems the common connection was Iconize.

Hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

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