Tasks calednar wrapper not working

What I’m trying to do

I was doing great with obsidian, then all of a sudden the tasks calendar wrapper stopped working.

Nothing comes up in the timeline part.

I don’t know exactly what caused this, as I was using it normally without touching any settings.

Things I have tried

I even tried using a configuration file from someone who was very familiar with the plugin,
I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling it when it didn’t work.

It still didn’t work.

I opened the developer tools and received the following error message, which I did not understand

Deprecation warning: value provided is not in a recognized RFC2822 or ISO format. moment construction falls back to js Date(), which is not reliable across all browsers and versions. Non RFC2822/ISO date formats are discouraged. Please refer to http://momentjs.com/guides/#/warnings/js-date/ for more info.
[0] _isAMomentObject: true, _isUTC: false, _useUTC: false, _l: undefined, _i: Invalid date, _f: undefined, _strict: undefined, _locale: [object Object]
    at Function.eval [as createFromInputFallback] (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:5119:90)
    at configFromString (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:6658:17)
    at configFromInput (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:6951:11)
    at prepareConfig (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:6937:11)
    at createFromConfig (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:6912:45)
    at createLocalOrUTC (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:6984:16)
    at createLocal (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:6987:16)
    at hooks (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:4906:29)
    at TimelineView.render (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:36026:52)
    at finishClassComponent (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:26915:39)
    at updateClassComponent (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:26880:32)
    at beginWork (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:28139:22)
    at beginWork$1 (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:31970:22)
    at performUnitOfWork (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:31418:20)
    at workLoopSync (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:31354:13)
    at renderRootSync (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:31333:15)
    at performConcurrentWorkOnRoot (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:30895:83)
    at workLoop (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:12418:42)
    at flushWork (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:12397:22)
    at Immediate.performWorkUntilDeadline [as _onImmediate] (plugin:tasks-calendar-wrapper:12605:29)
    at process.processImmediate (node:internal/timers:476:21)

The message says something is wrong with the time format in moment js, but I don’t know what.

How can i fix it?

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