Tasks after a new line don't work correctly

What I’m trying to do

I create a normal line for any topic. I hit and then to indent the line as a subitem.
However when I then create a task, the task is not well formatted. Also it’s not queried as task.


Background: I’d like to structure my tasks under a certain topic.

Things I have tried

  • Enabling/disabling task community plugin
  • Creating list-items and it works, but that’s not the intended idea behind it.
    tasks as list

Any help is appreciated

Indenting a paragraph by 4 or more spaces (or a tab) outside of a sub-list usually marks the line as a code block. Here something else is going on - not a code block - I didn’t check in Reading view at first and the font isn’t monospace in your first screenshot. But you can tell it’s not formatting properly as you can see the raw - [ ] there instead of the checkbox rendering.

See: https://www.markdownguide.org/basic-syntax/#paragraph-best-practices

Unless the paragraph is in a list, don’t indent paragraphs with spaces or tabs.

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The other thing that’s going on is that there’s no blank line between the tag line and the task list. I’m not sure what the end result is considered, but if you add the blank line, the broken task list becomes more obviously a code block. You lists are one of the cases where you can get away with a blank line before it, when when you indent it, it becomes a code block, and those probably want the blank line.

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