Task list buged

When I put “enter”, the task list is deleted:

When I check or uncheck the task list, others task list can be checked or unchecked:

  1. Pressing enter on an empty task or list item will clear the line so that it returns to normal text.

  2. Does it happen in the Help > Sandbox vault? If it does, you need to provide the Help > Debug Info for the developers (and to confirm that Obsidian and any plugins are up to date, and that the debug guide has been followed).

  1. I don’t press enter on an empty task. I press enter after the empty task.
  2. Same issue with the sandbox.

I have disabled all my plugins.

The file where there is the bug: Microsoft OneDrive

In the gif your caret is clearly on the same line as the task. That is what “pressing enter on an empty task” means.

If there is content in the task, this shouldn’t happen. The reason is that when you press enter on an empty bullet/checkbox, Obsidian assumes you are trying to end a list and return to a regular paragraph.

As for your 2nd gif, please follow the bug report template and include all the information that is asked of you. Obsidian version, OS, Debug Info, etc. etc. For now, I’ve moved this to Help until this can be properly reported and reproduced.

Why is it impossible to only create a task list without anything behind it and go to a new line with enter?

That is what I meant in my previous reply.

Because if you have this list:

  • Thing to do
  • Second thing to do | ← caret here

If you press enter once it makes a new list item, if you press it again, Obsidian assumes you want to end the list. (Or return to the previous indentation level.)


If you don’t like that, you can turn OFF “Smart indent lists” under Preferences → Editor. But then it will also not auto-create a new bullet/checkbox for you.