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Over the past three or four months, I have been messing around with Obsidian, Notion, and RemNote. I think they’re all great and have unique features, but Obsidian seems the best fit (and the community is amazing). I started using this for my PKM for books, articles, and videos I read along the way. I’ve recently started using Obsidian for my school work as well (Side note: big thanks to @tallguyjenks for Obisidian & Zotero system…lifesaver!)

The problem I’ve run into is task collection. I don’t use Obsidian as my main place for tasks (nor am I trying to convert it). I do, however, like to put tasks as I’m going along with my work for items such as look up an author, further research a topic, or use something for a post. Right now, I just tag it with #todo and use tag view. What I am trying to figure out is if it is possible (or maybe there is a plug-in or script that I have missed) that can collect my todo’s throughout my vault and populate them on a single page. I would think it’s possible based on the plugin finding links made not created but I’m not good with coding. Any help is greatly appreciated!



I’m very new here, and this is something I am interested to learn more about too.

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Hi there, I don’t know if this addresses your question, but I myself use a MOC note for all todos in my vault, which contains the following search query:


Let me know if this makes to you.

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I did find it helpful (forgot about query). I ended up running a query on the check boxes using “/^- [ ]” and it brought up all the individual tasks. I didn’t articulate that part very well in the beginning.

I think from here, I’m trying to figure out if I can collect it using the query function but instead of each task being a link, it would allow me to actually edit it there.

Thanks for the help!


The Vantage plugin is designed to help users take advantage of Obsidian’s powerful search features. It includes the ability to build search queries for tasks via regular expressions, and the results are a bit cleaner than the example query above. You can also use it to learn how to be more specific in your searches.


Zotero workflow not possible without the work of @argentum too :slight_smile: i just made the video but glad you’ve found value in it!

For my work vault i like a query block searching for all uncompleted tasks :slight_smile:

content:/\-\ \[\ \]\ /

finds every unfinished task in the whole vault. that or the todoist sync plugin :slight_smile:



Thanks for the heads up on Vantage. At first I didn’t see how to use it and read up some more. I can see where this can really help out. Thanks!

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