Taking notes in multiple languages

Hey guys. I’m new to obsidian. I use both english and portuguese on a daily basis, and there are things I think it’s better or feel like taking notes in english and others in portuguese. It’s pretty 50-50

Anyone here has a good idea for how to handle that?

I’m still learning the tool. I liked the idea of aliases. It would be nice to name files in both languages when needed using aliases. The issue is aliases are not searchable with file: <<alias>>. And just typing the name without file: seems like it shows results in a confusing way to some extent. I think it doesn’t prioritize bringing the files that are the target of the alias as top results

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I’d never noticed this before. It might be worth filing a feature request to make aliases accessible in search (if one doesn’t already exist).

I’ve added to this request

Ultimately I’m not sure if it’s worth to keep creating aliases in multiple languages for everything. It’s a lot of friction to create a note

What could possibly work is if you could configure some languages so that during search, it would auto-translate your search and also show results from the translations. Very prone to error, but I think it could work

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