Tags to be sorted alphabetically

I’d appreciate tags to have the option to be sorted alphabetically when displayed in the sidebar.

This would allow me to locate them when I need


@yalcin Just read my mind :slightly_smiling_face: Yeah, that would be great to have tags to be sorted alphabetically.

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+1 here as well. More or less unusable without when you have a lot of tags.

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+1 here. My list of tags keeps growing and an alphabetical list would be much more helpful.

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With a very large number of tags, alphabetical lists will be quickly overwhelmed too. Filters and search will be needed.

As it’s a plugin, I assume that very sophisticated options will arrive once the API is opened up.


Currently tags seem to be sorted by number of references and then by name in the tag pane.

I’d like to be able to alternatively sort them by name only (asc/desc).

Once the number of tags grows it’s harder to check if a certain tag exists if they are sorted by the number of refs first. A purely alphabetic order provides a better overview.


It seems to me vital for the application. Es scheint mir unerlässlich für das Programm. Ça me semble vital pour l’application.

I agree. Unless tags are sorted by name, and especially if you have a lot of tags, it becomes tricky to find the tag you’re looking for

Tags are currently automatically arranged by the number of notes that contain it. It would be brilliant if you could toggle them being arranged alphabetically, as it is currently hard to access certain topics via a relevant tag as I have no idea where on the tags column it is going to be

Thanks :slight_smile:


Much agreed with everyone on this. I am imagining an Obsidian world where my tags are able to be sorted manually, alphabetically, by folder, by colour…

I’m wondering if this feature is being worked on. I don’t see it mentioned in the roadmap (Trello). But it may be too small to be mentioned there? This is my last remaining wish-list for Obsidian.

I think this problem also can be solved by adding a feature that can search for a tag.

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You can search tags with tag:#<your tag name>.

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@RalfW I don’t think this was ever answered sufficiently by Obsidian devs (or affiliates) so I’m looking for a reply from them and bumping this up.

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+1. For me personally, the absence of such sorting causes a lot of inconvenience.

+1 long awaited feature

Starting to get more into using tags and couldn’t find the option to toggle them to alphabetical. A search led me to this post. Putting my +1 on this feature. Sometimes I’d use them sorted by number of references so a toggle option would be my preference.


And I suppose, while we’re looking for better ways of managing large numbers of tags, nested tags should be in the frame.


I want this feature too


I was just looking for the same feature today!
So… totally agree: ordering the tag pane by name would be a great (and I would they rather logic and basic) feature.

Would love to see this feature in the future!