#tags that do, and don't exist but remain in tags list

In my tags list (turned on in Core Plugins) I have 1. one tag that says they are in one note. It shows the note. In the note there is no such tag, I search the note. No tag. Not even the word in the .md doc, let alone a tag.

Then 2. I have 2 tags listed as being in 1 note (each). Under search it shows no notes exist with that tag. Search for that tag, doesn’t exist, but it is in the tag list (turned on in Core Plugins).

I deleted 5 pages of all (troubleshooting) I did to even find that consecutive list of letters from this help request. Deep searches through anywhere any Obsidian file might exist, AppData, sys files, ad nausea. (There WAS a hint one of the tags existed in a deleted antiMalware.trace file. Pretty sure that’s not the problem here. I scrubbed the deleted file with zeros just to make sure. The tags that don’t exist remain in the tags list.)

PS. I did delete Obsidian with Revo Uninstall, deleted all the related Appdata entries and Registry entries, reinstalled newly downloaded 9.15 & updated to 9.17 in this troubleshooting quest as well. Wanted to do everything I could imagine before asking for help.

Close obsidian.

Try deleting the cache file associated to that vault. see what happens.

If it doesn’t work, kindly send me the 2 files that creat the problem and the tags in DM on discord.