Tags in note titles

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Is it possible to tag the titles of notes? I guess this is related question is it possible to internally link or backlink the titles of notes? Which technique is more effective, tagging or internally linking.?
Thanks again in advance for all your help I’m still very new here, and while I love what appears to be the flexibility of obsidian over other applications. It does feel like obsidian has a rather steep and intimidating learning curve. At least that’s the way feels right now.
Thanks again John H

I don’t have an answer about tagging titles. Can you explain more about why you want tags in the titles? Is it for convenience, or readability, or maybe compatibility with another app you used?

For tagging vs. linking, I really think it is just personal preference.

There is no right way or wrong way. And that can feel intimidating. But I personally see it as an opportunity to start with a very light, casual structure, and improve it over time. You can always add links and tags and folders later. Obsidian can be very simple if you choose what features to focus on.

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