Tags improvement in 9.17 unclear

one improvement in 9.17 is this:
Tags in front matter no longer requires the # character. You can now write tags: [tag1, tag2, tag3].

but these kind of tags do not appear in the tag-pane, right?

And what is the search syntax with these tags? “tags:…”

I dont get the “improvement”.

An explanation would be greatly appreciated

thx for the help

appear in the tag pane.

search syntax is the same as other tags that appear in text.

Hi WhiteNoise,

I created a new clean vault and activated the tag pane in the settings (MacBook - no extra CSS).
Then I created and untitled new file and pasted the example:

tags: [tag1, tag2, tag3] -> but still get “No tags found” in the tag pane

What would be the improvement over "#tag1 #tag2 #tag3 ?

Thank you a lot for your help

the format tags: [tag1, tag2, tag3] is to be used in the YAML frontmatter.
Maybe you didn’t read the 0.9.16 release as well?

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Let me ask it in another way…
Do Tags that are ‘created’ in the YAML section show up in the Tag panel of the app? Because no matter how I enter the YAML section in the note they do NOT show up in the Panel.

now i get it :+1:
i will read every release announcement from now on.
thx again

again, yes they appear in the tag panel.
post a screenshot.

it does work for me

You are not following the format specified in the docs for the yaml frontmatter.

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try it exactly like in my screenshot. should work

OK! I was leaving out the ‘]’ at the end of alias, which invalidated the process. Thanks guys (again). Devil is in the details!