Tags containing emojis not searchable in preview mode


In preview mode, clicking a tag containing an emoji does not work (it launches a search for “#” without any emoji).


Windows 10 - Latest Obsidian

(Side note : I would have preferred to update the following topic on this very subject, but it has been automatically closed in spite of its issue not addressed.)

Know this doesn’t help you as such, but tags with emoji are searchable on a Mac in edit and preview modes:


To rule out plugins or settings in your vault, do you see the same if you test this in the help vault?


Great suggestion !

Before posting this topic, I had enabled safe mode and still encountered the problem : thus thought it was not due to plugins. However, it seems toggling safe mode takes effect on Obsidian reboot !

To make it short, problem described in this topic only happens when Emoji toolbar plugin is enabled. Either I don’t use it properly, or there’s a bug (or unimplemented behavior). In any case, I have opened an issue to its github.

Hopefully edging closer to a solution. :crossed_fingers:


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