Tags are not recognized

I have

tags : [Meeting, SomeThingElse]

in my frontmatter, but the tags are not recognized.
I have around 10 notes with #Meeting in the frontmatter tag, but only one note shows up.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

I have around 10 notes with #Meeting in the frontmatter tag

Do you mean Meeting? Because #Meeting wouldn’t work if it’s in frontmatter.

Meeting… why can’t you edit your older posts… sigh

Well, can be many things… some not related with the tags.

tags: [Meeting, SomeThingElse]

The syntax is right? Yes.
You can also use this one:

  - Meeting
  - SomeThingElse

Not recognized by who?
Only one note shows where? In tag pane?

Another point: sometimes yaml frontmatter doesn’t work (any field) because it has an invalid character/syntax in any field and is considered “invalid yaml” (to all fields).


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found the bug. It is an invalid syntax, but I don’t get the Metadata (Invalid YAML) because of Metatable just failing silently. If I disable that plugin I get the error message.

Thanks for pointing me into the right direction

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