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Hey guys! I’m just making this post to get some pieces of advice about my workflow. I apologize in advance if my post is redundant with some others.

So here is my workflow. I have to do a literature review. So I have to read lots of articles XD
Thus, to do it I annotate my pdf articles via zotero and export my notes to obsidian. Basically, my notes consist in writing my thoughts about a particular paragraph and tagging it. Tags allow me to see what are the specific topics explained in the paragraph. I do this to extract the information of each article and then put it into the different parts of my intro.

My problem starts here. I use the search function to see all the tags related to one particular topic. What I wanted to do is create a new note to gather the tagged information and visualize it more properly. However, when I drag and drop the search results it doesn’t embed the tagged information just the note’s name. I also try the “copy results” function which is amazing, but same result. Moreover, I test the drag and drop plugin, but it doesn’t embed the whole information related to the tag but only the tag (unless I decide to embed the title). I know that I could solve my problem manually by adding “^” and making a backlink that will direct me and display the info.

So my question is: is there any way to copy the results of the tag’s search which includes an embedded link that displays more information than just the tag? I do my research on this forum and I don’t find any way to do this. ^^"

Thanks in advance for your advice ^^

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I’m not completely sure if I understand your question. Do you want to copy the notes that the tag search brings up and merge them into a new note? I’m not sure of a straightforward way to achieve this. I tried selecting the files in hopes of being able to use the Merge command, but this strangely isn’t possible. Someone else over here can probably chime in.
Tell me how this works for you.
When you select copy results, select link style and wikilinks. Paste this into your new document. You can append a '!" before each link to transclude them (ie show the entire contents of the page) . Or you could transclude selective information by transcluding blocks or subheadings.

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Thanks for sharing this info this is useful keep it up.

Thank you so much for your answer :slight_smile: Yeah that works pretty well but is there any way to transclude selective information from the note automatically ? (the piece of information that I tagged stems from a global note).

I think this and more specifically this will interestyou a lot !

Also, Logseq may interest you too.

You could embed a search for the tag:


Thank you so much guys, that’s what I was looking for :slight_smile: