Tag Search Bug - Replicating findings multiplied by number in tag

Steps to reproduce

  1. Click on tag from tag pane
  2. Search shows pages with tags however it multiplies by the number of tags under that listing

For example

I have a literature tag
it is assigned 10 times
The search produces all 10 pages
but each page is shown 10 times in the list

so in my example

I should see a list of 10 pages displayed
I see 100 pages listed

Windows 10
Obsidian 8.2

Additional information

I can’t reproduce this. Let me know if you still have this bug when you get 0.8.4

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I will do thank you

Good Morning. So far so good after the 8.4 update. The problem seemed to focus around the use of the hashtag #literaturenote When I updated to 8.4 it still happened with this hashtag but not any other tag. So I deleted the tag no problems at all now