Tag pane: Make Obsidian remember collapse status on reboot

I like that Obsidian remembers whether the collapse feature for the nested tags (in the tags pane, from v0.10.3). I think one improvement that can be done is for Obsidian to remember the collapse status after closing and opening the app, because on closing the app it resets.


Hey! I agree this is an essential feature

@dkowalski and I talked about this extensively in this post he made:

(Un) Fold all nested tags

Unfortunatly it didn’t gain much traction. I honestly think it’s just a matter of time until other users realize how essential this feature is.

I’ll contribute to this post with what I said in the previous one. The title of this posts it’s really clear and well explained,
so hopefully we can get others involved in requesting for this feature.

The more I’ve changed my whole system to do #many/nested/tags every time I open (or reload) Obsidian it becomes an uncollapsed mess, and I need to manually fold every tag.


Just for visual reference, this is how I’d like my tags to remain (all foldeded)

opposed to what happens at start up which makes all toggles unfold by default, and each tag needs to be folded manually to return to this organized state.

Unfolded Mess

This is what I need to manually fold every time I reload Obsidian

As my tag pane grows as an essential parth of my workflow, I find myself folding everything manually many times a day.

This feature would be amazing to implement


I agree, this would be very valuable as the list and hierarchy of nested tags grows. To suit all needs, it could be setting of what to do at app start-up: collapse all tags, expand all tags or remember last session status.


exactly! A simple toggle would make a huge difference, I’m really looking forward to this, since otherwise I’m stuck having to click on dozens of nested tags every time

The Tag Wrangler plugin can help with this somewhat; it doesn’t remember the tag state, but it allows you to collapse or expand all tags at a given level in the tag pane with a right-click menu. (Among other useful features for dealing with lots of tags.)

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Thanks, pjeby. It takes a few right-clicks to collapse all tags with Tag Wrangler, but it’s still faster than collapsing each tag branch individually.

However, the “rename tag” function in Tag Wrangler is very powerful. Nice to have!

I’m surprised it takes more than one – if you are collapsing the first tag it should collapse everything at the top level. Is it not doing so?

Nope. Sorry. I have to collapse a number of branches to collapse all.

How many is “a number”? :wink: Are the ones that aren’t collapsing off-screen when you start?

Yes, I think “off-screen” is the key. Branches longer than the screen size only collapse its own branch.

Huh. Learn something new every day. Apparently the pane adds items lazily as you scroll, so the off-screen tags don’t exist yet, and so my plugin can’t click on them to collapse them!

So, a workaround would be to scroll to the bottom first, unless it’s just easier for you to collapse multiple times. I’ll have to investigate more deeply to find out if there’s a better way to do the collapsing.

will be implemented in v0.11

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FYI, version 0.2.4 of Tag Wrangler should now support collapsing and expanding off-screen tags. Let me know if there’s still a problem.

It works perfectly, pjeby, except for one thing: When I use Collapse tags at this level, my brain expects all sub-level tag branches to collapse as well.

When a tag tree is very large and deep, as some of mine are, it still takes some effort to drill down to a tag at a certain level, when you have to collapse to level → open tag → collapse to next level → open tag, etc. several times. Does that make any sense? What I expect, intuitively, is the tag branches to be collapsed all the way through to the end.