Tag notes that aren't created

Hi everyone, brand new Obsidian user here with a question about tags:

Is there a way for me to add a tag to a note that isn’t created yet? I like the idea of organizing my notes using tags, but don’t want to always create the note just to add tags to it.

Example: People notes
I have several notes that link to an uncreated note [[Johnny Appleseed]]. However, just because several notes link to Johnny Appleseed does not mean that I want to create that note yet. I might not have actual information to add that would warrant creating the note. I do know that Johnny Appleseed is a person, so I’d like to add the #people tag to it without creating the note.

Is there any way to accomplish this? Maybe through a plugin? Thanks!

Tags like #people are part of the markdown of the physical note.
You could have a note called people.md with links to all your people notes and it wouldn’t matter if the people notes were created or not.


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