Tag Mass Action: Add, Rename, and Delete a tag in multiple files (Tag Wrangler)

+1 for this feature

Whereas I could rename and delete tags in multi-file search/replace with BBEdit, still this functionality would be essential in Obsidian. By the way, how about tag values (as in TaskPaper)? (Just asking :slight_smile: .)

+1 for this

Just adding my +1 as well

Another +1

+1 for this feature!

Please, add this feature

Yes, I need this too

Yes this request big time

Wouldn’t Find and Replace work for this?

For deleting, Find #tag Replace “”

Yes, please - delete and rename tags! I imported a bunch of markdown files and now my tags pane is cluttered - can’t find my own. I’d like to just wipe them out and start from scratch to create a better tagxonomy.

See the comment above by @pjeby about his brilliant Tag Wrangler plugin, which takes care of pretty much everything still being asked for: Rename and Delete tags - #31 by pjeby


Yes please.

Need this feature badly. Now I really want to add more tags but not gonna make them at the moment because the “Rename-&-Delete” function for Tags is not available and I don’t wanna keep the tags if I might have no use for them in the future. The lack of this feature is quite inconvenient and disappoints me since I’m just getting started on Obsidian.

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Just found your reply and the Plugin. Thank you so much for sharing. :heart:

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Thanks for helping us locate the useful comment~!:pray:

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Excellent! Thanks a lot for this. Really helpful.

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In the last year, do you know if anyone in the Obsidian community added the “tag note” feature you describe? It is very useful and I’ve been adding them by hand but if it has already been added to some plugin, it could save a few manual steps that need to be repeated often.

It will be in the 0.5.x release of Tag Wrangler. I’ve completed all but the universal tag clicking part.

It will be alt-click to open the tag note, ctrl/cmd to open it in a new pane, regular clicks will still do search to avoid disrupting existing workflows. Preview hover will be determined by the context (editor, preview, tag pane) configuration as to whether you will need ctrl/cmd to hover.

Tag Wrangler will also have menu options to create or open tag pages, and will handle renaming the aliases if you rename the tag.

+1 on this request.

Update: I just released Tag Wrangler 0.5.0 with support for Tag Pages.