Tag Mass Action: Add, Rename, and Delete a tag in multiple files (Tag Wrangler)

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+1 to this! Love how page names can be changed, implement this with tags too!


Renaming of tags would be a total godsend.


Being able to rename and delete tags (and have it automatically reflected wherever the tag is used) is crucial to the usage of tags. In fact, I’d say without this, I can’t use the feature at all.

I second the suggestion to make them case-insensitive as well.

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This would also support tag deleting and renaming https://forum.obsidian.md/t/mass-search-replace/4395


For what its worth, I use VS Code for this kind of thing (and many other text editor functions) right now. But it would be great to have it all built-in. Its a bit of a hassle to be constantly jumping back and forth between applications.


+1 THIS. I hope its on the radar.

I like the way Pocket allows me to alter tags. In addition to the editing feature for all things associated with the tag of interest, we can consider a merging mechanism, if we want to rename two similar tags together, it can be done by just giving them the same name and hopefully Obsidian won’t just block us from changing it because “another tag like this already exists”, and it will just merge or agglomerate the tag count instead.


If it isn’t already implemented (and I just haven’t found it), this is still important…specially now that graphs support filters etc. +1


I would love this feature, but it doesn’t seem like it is prioritized by Obsidian. In the meantime, how do you all rename/delete your tags?

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I open the vault folder in vscode and do a global search and replace. If you dont have vscode you could try other text editing programs as well.


Thank you! Never thought about doing this with VScode until I read your comment.

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Would love to see this as a built-in feature, please!
Thanks for the workaround with VScode btw @Vinadon


+1 guys!

Would help us non-coders a lot.
Hope it is simple enough to be implemented, but thanks a lot for the incredible software =)

Also, merging tags.


Great point. Tag lists grow over time, once every couple of months I go edit them. Some tags are the same but spelled differently, so I edit/merge them. Some tags have too few entries, so I merge them with larger ones. (It’s currently possible in Leap and Bear). Hans


I’d like this feature as well. I find that I often make tag names, but then over time need to change them. I’d like to learn how to solve this using coding, but an in-house solution would be great.

Would love to have this feature as well- specifically editing tags at scale.

Also find it strange that even though tags are case-sensitive (eg movie vs Movie), searching for the ‘movie’ tag throws up results of both types i.e. both ‘movie’ and ‘Movie’. Is this working as intended?

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I’m new to Obsidian and today I decided I wanted to rename a tag. This surely must be hight on the list of features to implement. I tend to slip into creating categorisation tags that imply ‘where should this be stored’ and have to catch myself and instead create more meaningful contextual tags that relate to ‘when would I like to stumble across this not again?’ Hi to the dev’s and those in the forum. Fantastic job bringing this software into the world! Thanks.

@Nebulous-Knowledge: I don’t know if you have read all the comments, but @nixsee recommends using VS Code in the interim. I tried it, and it works well, and it is not too cumbersome a workaround.

Simple work around to Rename and Delete tags:
Elaborating on @Vinadon solution, just explaining it in more details and with another tool
The main idea is just to perform a simple find and replace in all files using another free app
Here the steps:
Download Notepad++ (or any other tool that can perform serach and replace in the contents of text files)
From the main menu go to Search-> Find In Files
In the search fields insert your current tag in the search field, the new (renamed) tag in the replace field and the directory of where the notes are (check subfolders is available too)
Hit replace in all files and enjoy :blush:
To delete a tag from all files do the same and just hit space in the ‘replace’ filed

Hope this helps