Tag/highlight a part of a note and fully embed that part into another note automatically

Hi all! I’ve been using Obsidian for almost a year now, and it’s an absolutely amazing tool!

Things I have tried

I’ve searched the forum and watched quite some YouTube video’s hoping to find a solution but have been unsuccessful so far, hence the cry for help:)

What I’m trying to do

Inside of notes I create a specific section that has comments about a current project I’m working on. So in notes A, B, E and G might be comments about Project X. I want to then make a Note called Project X that displays all comments that are labeled Project X within other notes automatically. Not just a link to the relevant notes, but actually embed the entire comment(s) in the Project X note automatically.

Hope someone can enlighten me in what’s in the realm of possibilities:)


Something like this for example. It doesn’t have to be tags, whatever would make it work would be fantastic…

![example obsidian |639x499](upload://zJ



Amazing idea, I don’t think that exists but not sure.
Sounds like ‘Reverse Transclusion’

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I just started hunting on the forum for this very workflow/feature. I’m amazed someone has already requested exactly what I wanted. Here are a few related forum posts for you and/or future readers: