Tag grouping on the local graph view

Hi! Some of my notes have the following tags: #to-review (if the note isn’t ‘ready’ or incomplete) and #future-references (if the note has references to notes not yet written.
Some notes have both tags and I’d like to see in the local graph view three colors for the different categories (#to-review, #future-references, #to-review AND #future-references). However I don’t know how to create a group for the notes with both tags. Can someone help me? Thank you.

Hi @stf255 ,
did you know you can set multiple tags in group field, like that tag:#test tag:#test2

Thanks a lot, you solved my problem! Also I had to first write the color for notes with both tags, then the ‘single tag’ colors.

(sorry, the tags names are in Italian)

To expand slightly on the solution (for future reference), to specify groups you can use any of the features of Obsidian’s search.

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