Tag & Backlink "Home Pages"

Tags, like backlinks, are used to create a links, bind files/ideas, add context/data to be able to find or recall later, but that’s the very basics of what they can be. Within a specific UI, you can also use them to explore, collect, read, reflect, search, aggregate, filter content that has these tags/links.

Doing this in the search panel isn’t possible currently and a tag version of backlinks panel would be a halfstep to what could be.

So I’m suggesting tags (and backlinks) could have their own “home page”. A hub that shows all the instances in a readable view.

So you’re on your “onCreativity” tag page. In it is an embed of every paragraph that this tag appears in. The list of embeds could be filterable & sortable, etc.

The overall point is to have a more readable & useable context of your instances/mentions that allow you to actually explore, read, discover your writing in novel views & contexts.

With powerful filtering you’ll be able to create a thread of very novel/meaningful paragraphs (depending on your header discipline) which prompt and excite ways to remix and connect these ideas.

Perhaps you can also have an “new note” button within this view, which opens a blank note in another pane which has the tags/context of this filter (the info/context it was inspired by).

Perhaps these pages could be where you have analytics of sorts on the tag/backlink.

edit: this could also be a place where aliases, nicknames, attributes, settings, etc are explored & edited. The home page is the place for all things related & about this tag/link.


I would really like to see something like this. This would allow quickly tagging related content across pages, then seeing that slice in one place.

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I don’t mean to spam/self-promote, but I created a Feature Request that I think is very relevant to this request: Copy page links from Tag and Backlinks Panes to clipboard

The idea being that you could extract links to any page that appears in the current Backlinks Pane or is associated with a tag in the Tags Pane. You use #tags or [[links]] to your preference, and then easily create a summary page as is requested here. It seems like a feature that is far easier to make (thus more likely to be implemented) than this request. Check it out and lend support if you think it would be useful!

this! implementing such a function would be a real gamechanger and a big plus for obsidian!

Another usage for a tag home page is to be able to look at a Local Graph of a specific Tag, which would be extremely useful. The only other way would be to make a normal page and paste links to all pages that have that tag

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Would love to see this! It would also make it more usable as a traditional “notes” application.

I think I understand. Forgive me if this doesn’t fit and I will do a feature request.

Would this plugin be able to do something like finding the most relevant “tag backlinks”?

I found this post while searching before creating a request of a feature that would look at all of the tags of a note and find the notes that share the most tags with it and list them in order.

I could also see this list having different view methods like for example show and sort these shared tags by tree. It would unfold as you highlighted a tag or tags within that level of unfold, show all the match notes that share those in a lower list.

It would be really nice because no matter how deep you went you would know that your current open note would have progressively more shared tags. Of course as you highlighted more among deeper levels , your match list would shorten. Perhaps it could also have an invert function.

Sorry to go off on a tangent. But I could see this housed within this plugin.


this already exists - and you had joined the debate before… :wink:

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yeah i would love to see a way to tell Obsidian to Create a List of every thing that i Have with a specific tag

so forinstance
if i create a [[NPC]] tag
i really would like a way to tell obsidian to place everything with the [[NPC]] tag into this list on this page.
and then be able to say hay obsidian everything with the [[location]] tag please put under this list.
Does anyone else want this ?