Tab's name doesn't render

Hello everyone,

I have actually a problem with the tabs in the new update.

Steps to reproduce

Just open a tab.

Expected result

Be able to see the name of the note

Actual result

The name does not render


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Debug info: I cannot access anything with “Ctrl+P”, but in the debugger (CTRL + SHIFT+ i), there is no logged errors.

Additional information

CSS disabled, Restricted mode ON.

Thanks for reading

Does this happen in the sandbox vault? (the question mark in the bottom left, or press F1)

The debug information can be accessed from the command pallete(Ctrl + P is just the default hotkey for it, but you can also find an entry for it in the left ribbon normally)
Update your theme & plugins & restart Obsidian afterwards.

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Oh… sorry to waste your time. I did everything except updating the Minimal Theme. Very logic, I should think about it. Thank you

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