Tablet virtual Keyboard keep popping up and closing when I tap on a page in obsidian

Steps to reproduce

So it starting off when I remotely sync(a plugin I use), it doesn’t sync properly so I copy paste the entire vault from my pc to my android tablet.

Then I haven’t notice any issue, only after i install some plugins from this video (EVERY Plugin I'm Using After 2 years in Obsidian - YouTube) then I started to see the virtual keyboard on off by itself.

What I tried to solve it:

  1. So I Uninstall and restart obsidian in tablet
  2. Then I disable all plugin restart
  3. Then I Uninstall all plugin and restart (I thought maybe because I copy the vault from pc, so maybe the plugin is different than if I install directly from in the tablet obsidian app)
  4. Only in obsidian it occurs, so it’s not the virtual keyboard issue.

Issue still persists despite all the debug steps. I know if I copy again from my pc and paste it to my tablet it will be fine again but I don’t want to as I can’t keep doing this multiple times as it’s wasting time.


  • Operating system: Samsung s6 lite

  • Debug info: nil

All help is appreciated =)

Try disabling Samsung’s text correction and report back.


[Bug] Samsung Keyboard Input Problems: Delete Backwards and Page Jumps

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@Skyscrapper did it help?

Wow it did work thanks for replying and sorry for the late reply…

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Yes it worked…thanks for follow up inquiry coz i saw the notification of yours then it reminds me to test…

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