Tables and Blocks of Text in Excalidraw Canvas

What i’m trying to do

  1. I’d like to create more formal blocks of text rather than the one-line text that is native in Excalidraw.
  2. Create table formatting - preferably nativley so I can still draw and add images to the table.

Things I have tried

Wactched heaps of Zolts videos on YouTube.

I tried Excalidraw Discord, but I don’t know how to use Discord and the invition is always expired for me.
Searched this forum but the only reference is how to export an embeded table… I don’t even know how to embed one.

  1. To create a text block, the easiest way is to create a transparent square/rectangle and write inside it. There is a script in the library that transforms text into a transparent square to make it a block of text.

  2. For tables, for the moment this is not possible natively by Excalidraw. Once again the simplest is to make a table in a note and insert this note in the drawing.

Thank you so much for your information!
I will try these things.

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