Table with Tasks and Tags


I could need some help from you :). I use Obsidian for task management at work. My setup is very basic. I have a note called Inbox where I put all my tasks. Every task has a tag and some of them also a due date.

In another note, I filter the tasks according to their tags with the following query:

tag include tag1
not done

Then I have a third note, where I filter them according to their due date:

not done  
due before today

…and so on.

The system works fine, but it looks a bit chaotic. So I am searching for a way to have my tasks showed in a table with the columns tasks, tag, due date (or maybe other categories that could be useful one day). I searched for hours but didn’t find a solution to this. I know that this problem seems very basic, but my knowledge of data queries is very limited. I’m a basic user. My best attempt looked like that:

table Task, Tag
from [[Inbox]]

This shows a Table that looks more or like the way I imagined. But it says: Dataview: no results to show for table query. Does anybody have an idea how I can solve my problem? Thank you very much!