Table of Files created the week (Sun-Sat) of the daily note

Create a query in my Weekly file for reviewing files in a creation folder that I haven’t processed, for that week.

What I’m trying to do

I’ve tried the below dataview code, which is not perfect because sometimes I create the weekly file on different days. Is there a way to only look at the Sunday to Saturday of the week of a file using a date-created property in each file that I have linter create.

What I also really want to do is return the day of the week from the query that is looking at the date-created yaml property. How do I convert the below so that the table shows the day of the week of the returned date-created yaml property?

Things I have tried

TABLE (striptime(date-created)) as Day, summary as Summary, tags as Tags
FROM "+ Encounters"
WHERE striptime(date-created) >= striptime( - dur(7day) AND !=
SORT file.ctime ASC