Table from pre selected note links

What I’m trying to do

Hallo im new here and wanna make a own trading journal in obsidian.So i try to explain what im trying to do now which i have problems to do.
I try to make a table which shows me a specific pre selected name from a metadata list which is also a note link.

Metadata from a trade:


  • “[[…/03_Playbooks/Gap-Up Continuation|Gap-Up Continuation]]”
  • “[[…/03_Playbooks/Gap-Up Fade|Gap-Up Fade]]”
  • “[[…/03_Playbooks/Gap-Down Continuation|Gap-Down Continuation]]”
  • “[[…/03_Playbooks/Gap-Down Bounce|Gap-Down Bounce]]”

So i would like to choose one and in another note table it shows me only trades with Gap-Up Continuation for exp.

This code only works with a text in metadata so far.


Things I have tried

table playbook
from "Trading/05_Trades"
where playbook = "Gap-Up Continuation"

I hope you understand what i mean.
Is it even possible what i´m trying to do?

Thanks a lot


I tried another code:

table playbook
from "Trading/05_Trades"
where contains(playbook, "Gap-Up Continuation")

With this when i write only Gap-Up Continuation as list it shows me also the linked ones →



But when i try to filter for the linked metadata with this code it doesnt work

Any ideas for a code which would work in this case or do i make some mistake?

I found a solution for it:

Must look like this:

table playbook
FROM "Trading/05_Trades"
where contains(playbook, [[Gap-Up Continuation|Gap-Up Continuation]])


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