Table: "End" key in wide table while "Readable line length" enabled

Expected behavior:
Pressing “End” will bring you to the end of the current table row in edit mode.

Current Behavior:
Pressing “End” will dump you at the “Readable Line Length”

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enable “Readable Line Length”
  2. Create a table wider than than the readable limit
  3. Press “End” and watch your character position itself somewhere between 80 and 95 characters into the line.

I can not share the tables I was using but I could create a table with filler data if required.

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I agree. This is the only real major frustration with the obsidian text editor. Having the END key not go to the end of the line and the HOME key to the start of the line is completely counter-intuitive and non-standard (vs any other editor I have ever used).

Not just an issue of tables - is and issue for long or wrapped lines in general. There needs to be some setting to make these keys behave as standard.

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