Table dataview number with points as thousand

Hello, I would like a Dataview visualization of numbers with points as thousand separators to make the number display clearer. Below is an example:

After the visualization of 879.272 pcs

Thank you for your support!

The international recommendation is to use spaces as a thousand separator so as not to confuse with the decimal point, but if you insist on using the point, just replace the "$& " with "$&.".

Here is a note showing how to do a regexreplace() to add the thousand separator.

cases: [1, 20, 300, 4000, 50000, 600000, 7000000, 80000000, 900000000, 1000000000]
LIST WITHOUT ID  regexreplace(string(number), "[0-9](?=(?:[0-9]{3})+(?![0-9]))", "$& ")
FLATTEN cases as number
WHERE file = this.file

Which displays as:

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It works perfectly, thank you so much!!!

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