Tab key, and default prefs

What I’m trying to do

Be able to use the tab key, and where to save default preferences,. so every new vault I create, it has my settings as a base templets.

Things I have tried

I searched through the prefs folders in my user profile, and I can’t find anything useful.

and for the tab key, I know they can work, I just can’t type them.
I opened another text editor, typed the text and tabs, the copied and pasted to Obsidian, and it worked.
I just need to be able to type them from the keyboard.
If I want an indent, I’ll use shift-ctrl-tab or something like that.
I just need tab to work as it does in any other text editor.
I don’t need feedback about “use another program”, or any other smart-ass postings like I saw on closed threads. Idk why people do that unhelpful troll crap.
I would really like to know if there’s ANY WAY to do this!
I really like the program, a lot, from what I’ve seen, and the file structure it creates is what I’ve been looking for.
I would like to replace several other apps I use with it. It really seems to do everything I want it to do.
If there’s any way to edit a file somewhere to force it, I want to do so.

The tab key, and being able to set me pref for all new vaults.
It sucks having to go in, and set the same thing over and over.

I want attachments saved in the folder structure by their notes/documents.

tad key, indent, preferences, templates, default.
Unable to find anything useful.
Only old closed threads with no answers, just troll comments like “use a word processor”.

I don’t want to edit in another program to copy-paste back and forth for every document.

If this can’t be done, a change request or plug-in would be great!


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