System dictation on macOS jumping and creating duplicate text

Steps to reproduce

Dictate text “This is a test of dictation”

Expected result

This is a test of dictation

Actual result

TThis is a test of dictation
This is a


  • Operating system: macOS 12.0.1 (Intel iMac 5K)
  • Obsidian version: 0.13.8

Consistent problem, even with a clean, default vault and no plugins or third-party themes. If I toggle the “Legacy editor” on (and restart Obsidian), the problem goes away, but returns once I return to non-legacy mode.

Additional information

This has been brought up before on Discord:

After the update of 0.13.9, two changes:

  1. Now, if I turn on Legacy mode, I’m unable to initiate (macOS system) dictation.
  2. With Legacy mode off, the effect is even worse in Live Preview mode, where dictating “This is a test of dictation” generates multiple lines:

This is a
This is a test
This is a test
This is a test ofTThis is a test of dictation
This is a test of the

does it happen in source mode?

With the update to 0.13.10 the situation is the same:

  1. With Legacy Editor toggled on, I can use the macOS system dictation, but while I am dictating, the text is all underlined and none of the paragraph breaks that I dictate (“New Paragraph”) are visible, until I stop dictating, and then the paragraph breaks are visible and the underlining disappears.
  2. With Legacy Editor toggle off, and get the duplication mentioned in my earlier post – whether it’s in Source mode or Live Preview mode.

This isn’t marked as solved.

This is now solved for me, with the recent updates.

Good to know.

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