Syncing With Different Top Level Drive Names

Things I have tried

I’ve attempted to sync and changed the options in the Sync panel to sync the Main Settings, Appearance Settings, Themes and Snippets, Hot Keys, Active Core Plugin List, Core Plugin Settings, Active Community Plugin List, and Installed Community Plugins.

What I’m trying to do

I got a new computer and was attempting to sync Obsidian (and my settings) from my old device to the new one. I ran into a few issues and was trying to determine what went wrong and I think it’s that, on my old computer, I had three drives and Obsidian was stored on the D:\ drive.

My new computer only has a C:\ drive, so the pathing for everything is completely different. Does anyone have any recommendations for how to go about this? I can get the files to sync, but the settings won’t… should I just manually adjust the settings to match instead of using sync?

Thanks for any ideas!

I don’t think the drive should matter — I believe Obsidian considers the vault folder to be the root for things like that.

I found syncing settings to not work well, so I don’t sync Main or Appearance settings. Plugin settings seem to be OK (maybe the others are OK now — I turned them off months ago).

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Ahhh, yeah, the file sync has worked well and I see what you mean: the .obsidian file is the main important one.

My issue was actually that I had Obsidian pulling from other, external files (for example, my Zotero reference folder) and THOSE were located on the D: drive, so when I attempted to sync my settings it was just messy.

I think you’re right though, I haven’t been able to get the syncs (besides the file sync) to work well, so I’m just going to manually move the entire vault file via a usb so I can at least get my hotkeys to transfer. XD

Thanks for the reply though!

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