Syncing two vaults, and possibly from Dropbox


I’m a newcomer here, so I appreciate your patience if these inquiries have come up before.

I’ve set up the software on both my Windows and Mac devices and have an active Sync subscription. At home, I maintain a local vault named ‘Orchestration’ for my hobby pursuits. It contains terms, capturing links, and Dropbox connections to my personal scores.

Conversely, at my workplace, I utilise the software in a separate ‘Work Vault’ to handle meetings, notes, appointments, and other tasks. This is the vault that’s kept synced.

Q1 - Is there a way to synchronise both vaults, or would it be more beneficial to consolidate them into one and then segregate into two folders? - I only seem to be able to Sync one.

Q2 - My subsequent query pertains to Dropbox. I currently scan all my bills onto Dropbox and search through the PDFs whenever necessary (like scan to evernote). Is there a method or a plugin to sync my file data so that I can execute searches within Obsidian and locate the information I require?

Thanks in advance for your guidance.

Yes. In Settings > Sync > Remote vaults, create a new remote vault to sync to.

Using Obsidian Sync and Dropbox on the same vault can cause problems, but you can add the relevant Dropbox folder as its own vault that doesn’t use Sync. Obsidian only searches the contents of notes; for attachments it only searches the filenames. I think there may be a plugin that can search the contents of attachments.

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