Syncing issues; created duplicate set of notes in my File Explorer

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I just recently added Obsidian Sync as a service. I already had an existing vault, which I was syncing to Dropbox (having just started working with Obsidian, it was what I’m familiar with, so I just used that resource). After paying for Sync, I created a new vault as directed and followed the prompts to start syncing. I deleted my existing Dropbox vault after my first full sync.

When I opened up Obsidian, I was asked to select a vault. I could not find anything except the Help Vault. I ended up restoring my vault on Dropbox, and when I did, lo and behold, my notes came up. Except that I now have two copies of my notes, the ones twirled under my initial Vault (called First Vault), and everything in that vault listed again under that.

Are duplicates appearing because File Explorer is seeing two vaults, my local one and my Dropbox one? Any ideas on what I need to do to not have to use my Dropbox vault?

Thanks for your help.


Even when using Sync, you still need to put the Vault somewhere on your computer. Instead of deleting it from Dropbox, move it to a different location.

Not exactly sure what caused duplication but I imagine it was the two sync services getting confused with one another.

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