Synced Lines (or blocks) for Obsidian?

Noteplan has a great feature Synced Lines: A Synced Line is a single line of text, such as a task, quote, bullet point, etc. that is mirrored across notes. If you paste that Synced Line into another note and change the content of that line of text in any of the notes, NotePlan will sync this change to all connected copies. Check out this page for more background: Synced Lines - NotePlan Knowledge Base

This borders on discussion of ‘editable transclusions’ although this is a bit more straightforward. But I think this is still a great idea worth pursueing: use a block reference as a unique identifier and keep a line (or possibly block) synced across a vault. Most important might be the performance needed.

I’ve done some digging and think it would be possible to recreate Synced Lines in Obsidian, e.g. @TfTHacker has created a great (API) infrastructure with the Strange New Worlds plugin that possibly could be reused. In Discord user ‘boninall’ has also created something that looks a lot like Synced Lines. There’s a (currently) empty Github repository here: GitHub - Quorafind/Obsidian-Block-Reference

I’m wondering if there are any thoughts if / how this could be built or that someone already might have taken a stab at this.


There is now a proof of concept plugin - please continue the discussion here: Obsidian plugin to mirror blocks (e.g. synced tasks)

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I guess that you’ve already considered the official way to create embedded blocks that sync across your vault. It’s a form of transclusion, but you need to edit the original block to propagate changes. With the link that points directly to it, that is easy to do still.

Check this out in the official documentation: Embed files - Obsidian Help

I love the idea of synced lines. Would be a great addition to obsidian!

There are still usecases for embeds, but sometimes I want to edit the embed right away and don’t want to think about where the source should be. It makes it easier when every embed is also the source!

I don’t know if it’s my theme or by default, but in my situation there is this chain icon on top right corner. When I click (also ctrl+click or ctrl+shift+click, depending on desired opening behavior), it leads me straight to the source of the embed for quick edits.