Sync with gDrive?

Things I have tried

iCloud and Dropbox

What I’m trying to do

I’m interested in exploring Obsidian as a note-taking app. I’m a Mac + iOS user, and need a sync capability, though I imagine most entries will be done on Mac.

Problem is that my employer has blocked various clouds on company tech for security reasons. I’m a Bear user, and this app is blocked as it syncs only through iCloud. In addition to iCloud Dropbox is blocked. Our go-to cloud solution is gDrive, but it seems that Obsidian cannot use gDrive for sync. I’m imagining that the Obsidian sync capability will also be blocked, but there’s no way to try it without first purchasing the solution.

I’m open to suggestions for workarounds, or other apps I should be exploring for the time being. Thanks!

I used Google Drive to sync prior to Obsidian Sync’s launch. I don’ think it was perfect, but I don’t recall any major issues.

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