Sync Visualization: Add a sync progress bar for sync

As I said, it’s time to provide a progress bar for syncing. I really love obsidian sync, but every time I sync (especially the first one on a new device) I always wonder how long it will take for the sync to complete. When I’m on Windows I can leave it alone, but when the sync happens on Android, I’m always worried that the sync will be terminated. I guess synchronous visualization will help alleviate my concerns about this.


a sync progress indicator would be super useful. I’ve lost some notes when I start writing on my mobile, not realizing that my notes are still syncing. This is particularly a problem for my “daily notes”, because of course I edit this many times throughout the day.

update: I found there’s a sync icon already, slide over from the right edge of the screen and see the sync icon in the right sidebar.

@Otsukioqua There is also a feature request to make the Sync icon always visible, and within that request a link to a CSS snippet that does it. [Mobile] Make Sync icon always visible