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What I’m trying to do

Sync an ipad to an M1 Mac

I want to sync another device to a M1 Mac. I have paid for a year of syncing and I have had 2 weeks of struggle trying to figure out how to sync my devices. They synced before the iCloud, but I was told that was not secure as there is no backup.

Things I have tried

I tried to contact help for the paid sync and the reply was since I mentioned Github, their service is unrelated to Git do they can do nothing. They said get the app for Git, but that costs about 5 dollars a month and I already paid for sync through Obsidian, so That makes no sense.

forum, plus any solutions you tried and what happened. →
On the web, I saw that someone made copy of their Obsidian main files and gave it another name and managed to sync a device to a Mac. I did this with another device and it synced.

Now I am trying to repeat the same thing, but it is not syncing. I have tried many times. 1. Sync with a copy of the main vault 2. Sync to the mainvault.

Now, the Sync log says fully synced and it was connected to the server.

You are talking about 3 different methods which, afaik, are mutually exclusive and all have their own setup process.

Please choose one method and follow the instructions here.


  • Obsidian Sync:
    Syncs a lokal folder via Obsidian web servers. (Log in on the devices you want to sync)

  • iCloud: Syncs via Apple iCloud Drive, just as all other files you sync with that service. Put your Vault into the appropriate iCloud folder (e.g. iCloud Drive → Obsidian → -YourVault-

  • Github: For advanced users, syncs a local folder via Github servers and requires 3rd party plugin and app.

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