Sync takes too much space in my tiny laptop

What I’m trying to do

I need some help and you need to know that I know almost nothing about computers.
I have laptop with very little space. I started Sync a few days ago. It seems like the laptop is working very slow since then and I’m afraid it will crash.

  1. What settings should I have in order to make it fill as little as possible and still be able to sync my own test. (I suppose could e-mail media files etc to myself and just open them in my computer Obsidian.)
  2. If changing the settings isn’t enough, could I place all my Obsidian folders on an external hard drive? What would I need to do?

Thank you for your help.

Things I have tried

I have searched for info, but couldn’t find any. And I haven’t dared trying to fix this.

I have now turned off some Sync options, all the extra content and some settings, but I’m not sure which I should keep of the settings. And I’m not sure what the different setting options do.

Since you say you know almost nothing about computers, this is the advice I would give:

  • Can you tell us what operating system? (Windows, MacOS, Chromebook, Android, etc.)

Then, it would be important to try and figure out what the actual problem is before you try fixes:

  • Are you running out of space? This is your hard drive storage. Depending on the operating system, you can check how much space is being used. How much free space do you have left? Do you know how big your Obsidian vault is?

  • Or are you running out of memory (RAM)? These things are different. If you are running out of RAM, this might also explain why things are slow. And freeing up storage space (hard drive) will not fix that.

  • Or, maybe you have a lot of other apps running. That would also slow things down, and make you run out of memory (RAM). Heavy apps like virus scanning, or too many browser tabs. Depending on your operating system, there should be a resource monitor that can help show which apps are using the most resources. You might be able to close or uninstall some unwanted apps.

Thank, Siiraa, I’ll read again and take in what you’ve told me.

Thank you @rigmarole!
This helped me not to start do things to fast.
I have an old Acer E5 or E15 with Windows 10. It’s too old for Windows 11.
It seems that Chrome took up a lot of working memory.
I will keep looking for things to declutter.

I was to write that things seems to work better now. That moment my laptop crashed and had to be restarted…

The back up Sync vault, is that not stored locally? I think that was actually was part of my question.

Thanks again!

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Sync isn’t a backup service. It’s meant to sync your files between your devices. The remote vaults can’t be accessed directly — they’re just a connection point between your local vaults. So the files are stored on your computer. When you change one, a copy is sent to the remote vault on the Sync server. Then when you open your vault on another computer, Sync copies the more recent version from the remote vault to the computer.

If you mean the Sync version history, that is stored in the remote vault (I’m not sure if a copy is kept in the local vault).

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