Sync sometimes overwrites changes when switching between devices

Steps to reproduce

I think the steps are:

  1. Edit a file on one device.
  2. Switch to a second that is not connected to the internet.
  3. Edit the same file.
  4. Connect that device to the internet.

N.B. I have not tested these steps. I’m just fairly sure I’ve seen this issue a couple times during actual use.

Expected result

The edits made at step (1) should be applied before the edits made at step (3). If there is a conflict, Obsidian should report that and invite user to resolve.

Actual result

Edits made at step (3) are synced, and fully overwrite the edits made at step (1).


  • Operating system: Mac, iOS
  • Obsidian version: Latest supporter edition.

Additional information

That’s not how obsidian works and this is intentional. Obsidian attempts to merge the changes as best as it can. I think a double addition is more likely than deletions. The version history is there for reference.

If you find a reproducible example of lost changes, let us know.

If find a reproduceble exaple of lost changes, let us know.

Are you asking for an example of changes that cannot be recovered via the version history? I don’t have an example of that.

But the example I screengrabbed is an example of changes being totally lost during the sync process. I lost many paragraphs that I had written on the MacBook when the minor edit from my iPad was synced. If that’s intended behaviour… I think this could do with a re-think. It’ll be especially problematic for longer notes, where users can easily not notice the lost edits for quite a while.

No I am asking for an example where you write something and it doesn’t appear in the merged document.

You write “this” at time 1
You write “that” at time 2

and this or that never appear in the final document.

Got it. In that case, that’s what I observed today.

Ok, if anybody can provide reproducible step, that would be great.

I have had the same. I will also try to create a repeatable test.