Sync settings between vaults

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I searched across the forum but couldn’t find an answer to this.

What I’m trying to do

Like most people I’d like to use vaults to differentiate between different content areas but want to keep the Obsidian experience the same, themes, hotkeys, plugins. What’s the best way to do this? It seems like all the settings are constrained to the vault so if I make a change to my settings I have to do it in multiple vaults.


I’m new to Obsidian - haven’t used it much yet, but I thought that I saw something, somewhere, about putting vaults under the .obsidian folder?
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@MDScheitlin: I’m not sure how that would solve this problem. It would essentially just amount to a nested vault, wouldn’t it? (I might miss something though.)

To give at least a partial response to your question, @ajgxyz: The (hidden) .obsidian folder within every vault contains everything related to Obsidian’s configuration for that vault. So, for instance, hotkeys.json contains your hotkey settings, workspaces.json contains your saved workspaces, etc. The plugins, themes, and snippets folders contain, well, just that.

So if you wanted to keep your configuration exactly the same, as far as I’m aware you’re essentially looking for a way to keep all the contents of the respective .obsidian folders in sync. Apart from simple copying and replacing, you could probably achieve that with a tool like FreeFileSync. But I’ll leave it to others to point out (and am myself curious about) the clever and elegant ways to do it :wink:

How about not do that? Here me out.

U dont seem to specify a strict use case (like one cannot sync but another must sync or one have safe mode on) to have different vault, so I’m assuming the different vaults are just areas of life.

If u need segregation, u can employ folders system like PARA or Johnny Decimal. If u need separate daily notes, Liam’s Periodic Notes beta now support separated work/personal. For notes organisation u might employ MOC for each separate area for your separate “landing page”.

Just a suggestion, else other ppl suggestions might work for u

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