Sync removes files without showing

I have a synced Vault to store and share a Wiki over all my devices.

Been using Obsidian to work on those wiki files in a vault with two Win-PCs simultaneously.
Now I’m having the Issue that, whenever one of the two clients opens the programm sync just deletes the files made by the other. The files don’t show up under “deleted files” and need to be replaced manually by “File recovery”. We need to search through the files everytime to see if articles have disappeared.

I’m using the following community plugins:

  • Dice Roller
  • Image Toolkit
  • Obsidian Columns

On the Sync documentation page for shared vaults, there’s a warning:

Avoid working on the same note at the same time as it may lead to changes being lost during the sync process.

Can you share the exact steps for when the issue occurs? It might help folks share some suggestions or tips for using shared vaults.

Thank you for your fast reply.

The problem is that we are not working on the same page. If only one client has the vault open this is not happening. Only if there a two client with this vault open the problem occurs, but then it happens even if the other client has no page open (only the vault).

It deletes whole pages. I need to manually stop the sync service and start it again at the end of every work session to make the sync service accept that there are new files created or else they will get deleted as soon as someone opens the vault again.

we will double check this.

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