Sync recommendation: Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad

I’ve searched Help for some recommendations but haven’t found any.

Right now, I’m using Obsidian Sync to sync my Mac, my Windows (work computer), iPhone, and iPad but am finding it pretty slow. It may get better as the first thing I did was dump all my notes in from Bear. That did cause problems (such as filenames) and was super slow. You might almost say it choked. I’ve since deleted all of my images so maybe that’ll help.

I’m wondering if I’d be better off syncing the Mac and Windows computer using Box. They both have access to Box and my IT department would prefer that anyway. Doe anybody use that? Better or worse then Sync?

I’d still need to use Sync for the iPhone and iPad. Right now, the performance on those two devices is abysmal. The app is almost completely non-responsive while syncing. I’m hoping that when it gets done, they’ll be better.

One thing I’ve noticed is that it appears that Obsidian needs to be running for syncing to occur. That’s not too much of a problem on the Mac and Windows computer as I can just leave it running (until they go to sleep). But for the iPhone and iPad, this actually causes some significant issues. I keep having to kill and restart the app. Again - I hope this will get much better when they are finally “synced up.”

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!

Did you ever try anything out? I am having the same issues with sync and it’s making me really frustrated :frowning_face: as I cannot do any work on my mobile device while syncing is happening.

[edit]: so something weird happened. We are having a bad storm where I live and power went in and out a few times. Ever since then, every time I open up the app and view the sync log it is going really fast. I mean still taking 10m to sync whatever was left of 7MB (the bible in markdown), so not fast relatively to the rest of the world or the 250MB download I have, but it’s faster than it was when it did 1 file per few seconds. So maybe it was my router being slow or something. Very odd though.

Sync seems to be working OK for me now. I think it just took a while for the software to get more reliable.