Sync plugin excluded folders - is it safe to delete excluded folders?


after adding a synced vault to my iOS device, it started syncing as it should. During the initial sync, I added a folder to the excluded folders list[^1], and it stopped downloading the posts for that folder. HOWEVER, there are already hundreds of files that I do not want…

My question: Is it safe to delete the folder on my iOS device that is listed in the excluded folder list without risking the deletion of all those files on my other devices?


Marco :raising_hand_man:

[^1]: I wish there was a way to just download the folder list/structure and then be able to select excluded folders. Only after that, I could initiate the sync of the files…

I’m in the same situation. I am inclined to think it is not safe, so I am not going to try it, but I am an Obsidian newbie, so I’m not sure. It feels like this is a bug to me - if I add an excluded folder, it seems like it should remove it if it already exists. My guess is that the only solution at this time is to remove the vault entirely, and add the excluded folders before syncing it all.

Cleanest and quickest way to “restart”.

  1. Disconnect the phone from the remote vault so it becomes a local vault again.
  2. Delete local vault on phone.
  3. Reconnect to the remote vault and tell it that it should not start syncing. If I recall correctly it also asks you to manage excluded folders at that time.
  4. Adjust your sync settings, including excluded folders.
  5. Restart the app on iPhone. You may need to force close it.
  6. Allow sync to resume/start in sync settings.
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