Sync one Vault with several colleagues

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I want to share one vault with first one colleague and than eventually with more. How can I do this.
The colleague and I we have both commercial and sync functionality.
Please advice, thanks in advance!

Now the problem becomes more urgent!
There is the need to sync one vault with tree colleagues. Is this possible with Obsitian Sync?
Please advice

Can you store the vault on a shared drive? At my work we have a shared drive on the network where we store documents and spreadsheets for others to view and edit.

Failing that, have you tried a shared folder on Dropbox?

I haven’t tried sharing a Vault with anyone so I have no idea if this will actually work. They are just suggestions.

Hi. This is not possible yet but is planned feature.

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Hi WhiteNoise,
thank you for your answer!
Right now I solved the problem like the tree people team (every one has an own payed account) share one account. But this could not a solution in future.

Hi Niall,
thank you for your hint!
I am looking for a solution that WhiteNoise was talking about as a future solution.

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